Paint Protection Film

Paintless dent repair
Taking preventative action during the repair process can save you significant money down the road. Installing Paint Protection Film is one of the best ways to protect your vehicle over the long term.
Paint Protection Film is a tough, self-adhesive, clear urethane film that is specifically designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of automotive paint finishes. It won't alter the appearance of your vehicle, but allows paint-colour brilliance to shine through. It has similar gloss properties to the clear coat paint on most current model vehicles.
A virtually invisible product, it prevents stone chips, abrasions and weather elements from damaging the vulnerable paint surfaces of your vehicle. Paint Protection Film also contains UV protection to help maintain your original paint quality and colour, protecting it against "yellowing" over time.

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Interior Protection

Paintless dent repair

Eating and drinking in your vehicle are a fact of life. Spilled coffee or messy snacks are just a few of the mishaps that can compromise your vehicle's interior.

Platinum Shield Fabric Protection maintains the fine quality of your interior by penetrating individual fibres in the fabric. The protection stops liquids from soaking into fabrics and repels dirt. Spills wipe up easily to avoid permanent stains. The treatment won't change the colour or texture of the fabric and does not leave an odour.

Platinum Shield Leather / Vinyl Protection conditions interior leather and vinyl, locking in essential oils and pigments by protecting against cracking and hardening. It also prevents colour fading by screening leather and vinyl from the sun's powerful ultraviolet rays. A dashboard coated in its treatment receives a flat satin finish that eliminates glare and reduces dust.

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Rust Protection

Paintless dent repair

As the saying goes, rust never sleeps. Once rust begins forming, it can severely affect its lifespan. Modern vehicles have many hard-to-reach crevices where moisture and dirt tend to collect, creating ideal conditions for rust to begin forming.

Platinum Shield offers two options to ensure rust does not form.

Rust Inhibitor Spray Protection is a synthetic waterproof product that is sprayed into the body inner cavities and crevices. It bonds to the metal, so it won't drip or run off. Since it's applied between the exterior and interior panels via existing holes in the doors, there's no drilling required. This one-time application extends the life of your car.

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